Here are some of the links I like best.

Cake Decorating Communities

Cake Central - You've got questions, they have answers. And ideas. In abundance.

Cake_Decorating - A LiveJournal community, and one of the most supportive environments ever.

Strange Foods

D&D Food - A couple of D&D geeks decide to eat the monsters instead of being eaten by monsters.

They're Coming - A couple of genius sisters who love horror movies, and they make the most awesome horror themed food. They're a large part of what inspired me to do this. They make excruciatingly detailed horror cakes, down to white chocolate bones inside of the dismembered arms.

Cake Decorator Galleries

Colette's Cakes - This woman's work literally takes my breath away. I hope one day to be half as amazing as her.

Charm City Cakes - Fronted by Duff Goldman. You've probably seen his show, Ace of Cakes. If you haven't, go see it. Food Network. He does jaw-dropping things with pastry that sometimes includes explosives.

Mike's Amazing Cakes - With most chefs, an ego is part of the package. But his 'Amazing' title is well deserved. Mike is a master at making cakes look like other stuff.

Marmalade Cake Company - Found their site, really like their work. They're also really good at making cakes look like other things.

Elegant Cheese Cakes - Not everyone likes cake. This is for them. They have the most intricate, adorable little cheesecakes.

Cake Art - I don't know whose work this is. Maybe you can enlighten me? My brother forwarded me this link and these cakes are so amazing my head asploded.

Food Art in General

Alacuisine - Some absolutely beautiful photos of food.

Cooking Cute - a site all about bento lunches, which are the perfect palette for adorableness.

Saxton Freeman - He sculpts with food. It's awesome.

Alon's - their pastry work is impressive.

Miscellaneous Amazingness

Ali's Creative Cakes - Cakes made from fabric. This site is amazing. It's not food - it's fabric. But it's so hard to tell! All of her work looks amazingly delicious.







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Wedding Cakes

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